About Us


Izoa is Australia’s newest and most exciting shoes and accessories fashion brand, dedicated to statement style and  the expression of individuality through fashion.
The essence of Izoa lies in a commitment to creating high quality handcrafted designer footwear, accessories, jewellery and bags. In the world of Izoa, details are everything with a focus on using the most luxurious and superior materials. Izoa has gained a following being worn by Rachel Finch, Jackie O, Jennifer  Hawkins, Georgia Love,  Kylie Clark, Rozalia Russian, Nadia Fairfax and Erin Holland.
The spirit of Izoa is lead by Nikki Hager, the talented  founder and creative mind behind PeepToe. Nikki's signature statement style and unique vision for fashion shoes and accessories along with a wealth of award winning achievements shape the success of the Izoa brand.
Izoa is designed for the feminine, glamorous and strong women looking to make a statement with their shoes and accessories. A Sydney based brand, Izoa’s core products are handcrafted shoes supported by categories including  jewellery, clutches, handbags,  accessories and apparel. This is a wonderful coup for the brand and exciting times for the new label.
The Izoa brand is known for its attention to detail with beautifully crafted shoes in laces, suedes and leathers, coupled with accessories that sparkle in rich rose golds, golds and silvers embellished with crystals, beads, pearls and textiles. Izoa’s collections are designed with the idea of fitting effortlessly into any wardrobe, being the final touch to make that outfit specially individual to you.
Izoa has been featured in leading fashion publications including InStyle, Marie Claire, Cosmo, Shop til You Drop and Grazia.